Privacy policy

Forms: The data provided by the client in the different forms installed on our website will not be subject to any type of computer processing, except that which is essential to guarantee the correct functioning of the contracted service. Therefore, these data will be used solely and exclusively for the identification and storage of the data of the machine from which the request for services comes, with the sole purpose of verifying the veracity of the request. The customer must register in the system to automatically access subsequent purchases and possible offers that Etno Alpaca promotes among its customers. The data provided by the client will not be sold or transferred to third parties.

Access statistics: Etno Alpaca records the access data to the web page in reference to its visitors. These data are internally managed by the company for statistical purposes of the search engines to determine the incidence of the website registration in the search engines. The data managed from IP, operating system and others, are not associated with personal data.

Data transfer: Under no circumstances will data be transferred to third parties, not even to companies that in the future may be affiliated with Etno Alpaca.

SPAM: el spam or unsolicited email is strictly prohibited. If the client received this type of email from an email account of our company, they must contact us through the form on the website and, once the fact has been investigated, they will proceed to close the email account that originated the incident, taking this fact to the relevant bodies.

Etno Alpaca will not send the client advertising or services of any kind, or from any other company or corporation that the client has not wished to receive.

Etno Alpaca has a mailing list, where customers can optionally subscribe or unsubscribe.