Our history

Ethno Alpaca is a company from Cusco dedicated to the sustainable sale of clothing made of alpaca wool.

We are proud of our people, who give life to each fiber, each thread, and each of our garments made of alpaca and baby alpaca.

We believe in fair trade and we support our artisans so that they can grow together with us, we appreciate the art of their hands and the value that this means.

Etno Alpaca begins

The beginning

At 3300 meters above sea level in the imperial city of Cusco, we decided to create a unique experience through art and culture, through the fibers that our ancestors used, capturing in each strand the fine touches of a millenary civilization. This is how Etno Alpaca was born, an exclusive brand that is impregnated with the experience of an ancestral civilization.

Our quality

Members of the International Alpaca Association

Since 2018, we are part of the International Alpaca Association, which certifies the quality of the fibers we use to create our products.

Each product is finely created with the highest quality standards, each garment being a symbol of our art. Using the highest quality alpaca fiber, the baby alpaca, in all our products we offer the client a softness and fineness to the touch certified by the golden tag visible in all our products.

A new beginning

Just Etno

Committed to our culture and art, we continue to create and innovate at every moment, to bring our clients the best alpaca fiber garments, and why not ... a little more of our Cusco.

Today, adding new processes in our value chain to ensure, not only the quality of the garment, but also taking care of the health of our customers, that is why all our products are sterilized before being packed, completely sealed to ensure that the garment has not been contaminated.

We unite in the fight against COVID-19, so all our employees go through discard tests and use protective equipment, in addition to constantly sterilizing our environments and stores, everything is a sum of our effort to eradicate this virus within our company.

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