Why love and defend Peru?

With a surprising history , outstanding gastronomy , multiculturalism and passionate people in what they do, they generate the perfect formula to fall in love with this wonderful country.

Have you heard of a masterpiece in architecture and engineering ? Macchupicchu with its landscapes and history in one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet

Not far from the city of Lima, is The Paracas National Reserve was created in order to conserve a part of the sea and the desert of Peru, giving protection to the various species of wild flora and fauna that live there.

Have you ever been talking about a < strong> city built in adobe largest in Latin America ? The citadel of Chan Chan It was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1986 and included in the List of World Heritage in Danger in the same year.

The golden enclosure, as the Qoricancha was known, was a sacred place where worship was rendered to the highest Inca god , the Inti (Sun) so they could only go on an empty stomach, barefoot and with a load on their back as a sign of humility.

From designs as simple as lines to complex zoomorphic, phytomorphic and geometric figures that appear traced on the earth's surface. The Nazca lines were drawn by the Nazca culture and are made up of several hundred figures.

A set of floating headlands prepared from reeds and towering over a portion of the surface of Lake Titicaca. The floating islands of Uros are characterized by their inhabitants: the Uros, an ancestral people that are currently distributed in the Collao plateau and that in Peru live on the floating islands located in the bay of Puno.

How not to love Peru with so many gifts of nature and an ancient culture?

November 2020 has been a month full of uncertainty for our people. Passionate people have taken to the streets to claim as true Peruvians that we are. We will continue fighting for our Country, so that our rights as citizens are not violated, and we will continue working for the good of Peru, which it gives us; to Peruvians and foreigners, so much beauty.

We will imitate that great strength that the Incas left us!