"What you do counts":International Day Against Climate Change.

Every time we turn off a light that we don't use, every time we unplug an appliance that we don't need, every time we decide to recycle a plastic bottle, every time we use the bicycle and leave our car at home, we help. Small actions contribute to a greater good and that is Caring for the planet.

Everything we do to take care of our beloved world serves, that is why from Etno Alpaca we renew our commitment to sustainability on this International Day against Climate Change.


Alpaca fiber is a product that does not pollute from its origin. They are fibers produced by our Peruvian alpacas every year, no living being is sacrificed in the process, ensuring that this product is sustainable and renewable over time.

Not only is the fiber input environmentally friendly, organic materials that are found naturally in Peruvian nature are used in the dyeing and processing process.

With each garment produced, with each garment purchased we help take care of the environment, our mother earth, and as our Inca ancestors said, take care of our Pachamama.


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