Our South American alpaquitas as protagonists of the Covid 19

Did you know scientists in the US, Belgium and Chile demonstrated great effectiveness in blocking the virus's ability to infect cell phones using antibodies from these camelids?

In Peru, who are the companies and / or university entities that are carrying out the studies?

Farvet Laboratories, together with Peruvian researchers and scientists from the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH), began testing alpacas for the covid 19 vaccine at the beginning of June 2020.

Three copies of alpacas that have been injected with a protein synthesized in laboratories have been used for the animal to generate specific antibodies against the new coronavirus.

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Why the alpacas?

Because they are free of pathogens and will complement the tests that are carried out simultaneously on chickens and mice.

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After the tests, what will happen?

Three alpacas were vaccinated, the tests will last 28 days but each week the kinetics of antibody production will be checked. It is important to say that this type of tests with antibodies to South American camelids, alpacas and llamas have been done for a long time and today possibilities are opening to see its effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2.

Only alpacas can be studied?

No, all camelids can. What is interesting is that camelids produce two types of antibodies, some very similar to those of other animal and human species and others called nano-antibodies, which are air-soluble and therefore inhaled and are believed to have a direct effect on the virus in the lungs block the spike protein which is what allows viruses to enter cells.


What will happen if you have positive results?

If the results show that the vaccine is safe and creates antibodies in alpacas, it could lead to treatments with inhalers or injectables in patients suffering from the infection.

Thanks for so much alpaquitas!

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