5 curiosities about the Alpaca

  1. They belong to the family of camelids, they inhabit 3 large continents: South America, Asia and Africa. Llamas, vicuñas, guanacos and alpacas (also known as Andean camels) are found in South America, from the Andean heights (Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia) to Tierra de Fuego (Argentina) and the camels inhabit the Asian and African arid plains.

  1. They are herbivores, with long slender necks and long legs. His walk is particular; unlike that of horses, alpacas walk by moving both limbs simultaneously.

  1. From the time of the Tahuantinsuyo Empire or Inca Empire (1438-1533), which was born in the heart of Peru (Cusco), alpaca wool was used to dress the people and also served as an offering for rituals to the gods of the Incas; like the mountains. The social position of an Inca individual was evidenced by the quality of the fabric he used, in this case alpaca fabric.

  1. Alpaca wool is a fiber coveted for being soft, light with a fluffy appearance, and resistant compared to llama wool, which is rougher and more difficult to work with.

  1. The alpaca is a very shy animal that will flee if a human tries to get close. They usually spit if you corner them, and feel like they can't escape.

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